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At couponscod, you can find all type of home services of Fantastic Services. is sharing a vision of two entrepreneurs of Fantastic Services, Rune Sovndahl and Anton Skartlatov, who believe to leave a mark on home care by proposing a unique business model based on partnership.

Fantastic Services emerged in 2009 from the shared vision of two entrepreneurs, Rune Sovndahl and Anton Skarlatov, who believed they could leave their mark on home care by introducing a very different business model based on partnership and partnership mutual respect. The company’s founders are on the path to success, leveraging their entrepreneurial spirit and innovative spirit while taking the cleaning industry to a new level. His approach to the new company was simple yet rewarding. Couponscod is providing voucher and promo codes for top cleaning services.

You can avail home services coupons code at

You can also visit Fantastic Services Group office, which is located at:

13 Thomas Place, Melbourne, 3181

Phone them on 1300 233 268

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  1. $15.00 OFF your End of Lease Cleaning

    $15.00 OFF your End of Lease Cleaning... more ››
  2. $6.00 OFF your Carpet/Upholstery Cleanin…

    $6.00 OFF your Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning... more ››
  3. $4.00 OFF your first session of Regular …

    $4.00 OFF your first session of Regular Cleaning... more ››
  4. $7.00 OFF your Oven Cleaning

    $7.00 OFF your Oven Cleaning... more ››
  5. $9.00 OFF your Window Cleaning

    $9.00 OFF your Window Cleaning... more ››
  6. $8.00 OFF your Gardening Service

    $8.00 OFF your Gardening Service... more ››
  7. $10.00 OFF your Pest Control

    $10.00 OFF your Pest Control... more ››

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